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8 Feb In OpenTTD, Cargo is what you, as a transport company, transport. They are produced by some industries and towns, and they are accepted by. 11 Jun Refitting allows you to change the type of cargo that can be carried by certain vehicles. These vehicles include some train engines, cargo ships. 5 May A feeder service is, put simply, one where vehicles perform a "relay" with the cargo. For example, a bus might pass passengers onto an.

During each cycle of days for each cargo type of the delivering industry a maximum of 2 stations can get cargo. The wiki explains this also try googling openttd cargo payment rates which will bring up some interesting. 17 Jun - 12 min - Uploaded by Gamer - Master Hellish This series will take you through how to play OpenTTD. Enjoy! ▻ Series Playlist.

I have the vacuum train GRF and it only comes with passenger and mail cars. Is there a GRF that has other cargo types?. The % transported value reported by an industry is the % of its production of the relevant cargo last month that was placed in to any station - so it is the total of all . FIRS Industry Replacement Set. New Industries and Cargos for OpenTTD. 68 cargos; 83 industries; 6 economies - choose simple or complex gameplay; Primary. OpenTTD is a business simulation game in which players try to earn money via transporting passengers and freight by road, rail, water and air. It is an. 5 Oct Bit number for bitmasks (08); TextID for the cargo type name (09) . OpenTTD and TTDPatch will automatically translate the index for the. Simple Cargo Profit for OpenTTD. A mod for OpenTTD that disables time taken or distance travelled as part of the cargo profit equation for all . 3 Nov Okay, this is a fruit of four days playing OpenTTD. I'm going to Feeder service that transfers cargo from one station to another is very useful. OpenTTD is an open-source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, a game released in since it is capable of carrying much cargo for great distances in a fast way. 5 Jan I couldn't bring myself to play OpenTTD but I played TT a long, long time ago . Like OpenTTD, if someone wants more cargo, he could always.

trAIns is an AI for OpenTTD (the acronym AI will be adopted to denote a set of algorithms that control Build railroad routes to transport secondary/tertiary cargo. cargo_classes_in_consist, Bitmask of CC_XXX, cargo classes If you cheat yourself to be part of an AI company OpenTTD will still report PLAYERTYPE_AI for. Hello, I have a question that I really can not find an answer on. Is there a way to see how much money you can get by transporting cargo?. So a few years ago when OpenTTD attempted to recreate the game with modern the REALLY exciting part has just been added recently: “Cargo Destinations”!.


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